Tips for Managing Staff Working Remotely

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to work remotely, and this is a trend that is likely to continue, even when normality resumes. Many business owners don’t feel the need to return to the office. Some simply can’t afford to run an office anymore.

It can be daunting to try and manage a remote workforce and ensure you are doing it well. It is entirely possible to manage those undertaking remote jobs, just as well as your employees based on site. These are some helpful tips for managing remote staff.

Offer Reassurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. Some people have lost loved ones or faced other hardships. Everyone has had a hard time in some respect, and employees need to feel reassured; more than ever. It can be as simple as just checking in with them daily to ask how they are and if they need anything. A quick call or text is a simple act, that can make a massive impact. Employees need to know that they are valued and always supported.

Provide Equipment

Not everyone has the means to buy a laptop or PC, and employees should not need to use their equipment for work purposes. Make sure your employees have everything they need, including a comfortable chair, laptop, and phone. They may also need access to a camera if they will be involved in online calls. It is also worth creating a remote working policy, so that employees understand what the expectations are.

Encourage Self-Management

It can be challenging not to have visibility of your employees. Realistically, you don’t know if they are working or out shopping! Trust is vital. Do not micromanage your employees, as this will make them feel demoralised. It may be beneficial to focus on productivity rather than strict working hours. If your employees get their work done and are available at vital times, it shouldn’t matter if they take a longer than usual lunch break or pop out during the day for a quick shopping trip. Greater flexibility is one of the remote working advantages.

Recognise Employees

Recognise employees who are doing well during a difficult period. You don’t need to give them money or a promotion; a simple thanks can be sufficient or even consider buying them some lunch. Employees who are recognised will be more loyal to your company and will feel better overall.

Incorporate Social Time

In the workplace, there is usually a good mix of both work and social time. It is worth encouraging this for employees working remotely. It can be as simple as an online quiz, having an online lunch together, or just a general catch-up. With so many people working on their own and not seeing their friends and family, you must do all you can to ensure social time is high on the priority.

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