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Blue Tree HR Solutions have the experience and expertise to advise and support you on any HR-related matter. Here are some examples of how we can help your business with our expert HR services.



Every situation is different. However, the statutory process is always the same. If there is a disciplinary situation and the company wants to deal with it formally it will require an investigation, a disciplinary hearing and the option to appeal the decision.

What we do: We help by advising throughout the process, making sure that the statutory process is followed in line with current employment laws. Our HR services include performing the investigation and preparing a report for the manager, which will outline the findings and recommendations for whether disciplinary action is required. The investigation will involve meeting with the employee and any relevant witnesses so that the facts can be established. We will prepare all invitation letters to the meetings which will explain the employees’ rights during the process and ensures that everyone is fully informed.

We can support the manager during a disciplinary hearing, providing suggested questions and a basic script of what needs to be said. The manager will then need to make the final decision regarding the outcome, ie. no further action, first written warning, final written warning or dismissal. We will prepare the outcome letter which informs the employee of the decision, what happens next and whether they have the right to appeal. Our HR Services also include supporting the manager during the appeal process, making sure that it is carried out within employment law. Minutes are prepared for all meetings as part of the evidence pack and provided for your files.

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We advise and support the management throughout the statutory redundancy process, this includes initial meetings where redundancy is considered and decisions are made regarding which employees are at risk. The redundancy process requires staff to be informed and consulted with and this process may have strict timelines, depending on the number of redundancies. It is important that the statutory process is strictly adhered to avoid unfair dismissal claims.

What we do: We provide support and advice, provide letters to employees, attend meetings, take minutes and generally give employees support by answering their questions on their rights. When required we can devise a fair selection process for you to share with staff which will set out how decisions will be made regarding who will be made redundant. Aside from staff being exited from the business, other outcomes of redundancy situations may include staff moving to new roles, changing their hours or changing their salary. All of these options may be considered as ways to avoid redundancy and we will support these decisions through contract amends as required.

Redundancies require an initial meeting where staff are informed of pending redundancies, followed by individual consultation meetings (rules are slightly different in large-scale redundancies of 20 or more employees). Depending on how the discussions go and the options available, there could be one or several consultation meetings. We will then follow this with a meeting where individual employees are informed of the outcome. Our HR services would then include preparing the final outcome letters, and should the company wish to include settlement agreements we can also provide these.


Contracts of employment

Contracts of employment are required by law for all employees and must be provided on day 1 of employment at the latest.

What we do: When employing our HR services we provide a contract of employment template which is bespoke to your business. This will include all of the statutory information required by employment law and all of the contractual terms set out for working for your business. The contract will refer to other fundamental policies which include disciplinary, grievance, maternity and data protection.

For retained clients, our HR services will include the preparation of contracts for any new employees making sure the wording is correct and we make any changes to the standard contract when required (ie for part-time or temporary workers). Contracts of employment may need to be updated during employment in circumstances such as promotion, flexible working hours or a change of terms following consultation. We will support the employer with any changes and make sure the contracts remain up-to-date and relevant, as well as compliant with employment law.



Like disciplinaries, grievances are a statutory process, and when implemented will always follow the same process. This will require an investigation and an outcome meeting which may lead to further disciplinary action.

What we do: We help the management team throughout the process, providing letters to all of those involved. We can perform an independent investigation and will prepare a report with the findings and recommendations.

The above services are available on either a one-off, ad hoc basis, or as part of a more permanent arrangement. For more information on our ad hoc and retained services, click below.

Ad Hoc

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Free HR Health Check

Blue Tree HR Solutions offer any business a FREE HR health check. We will meet with you to look at what existing HR Policies and Procedures you have in place, and then offer free advice on what actions you need to take to comply with current legislation.

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