Employee Assistance Programme

Health Assured Verified Partner

We at Blue Tree HR Solutions want our clients employees to feel healthy, happy, and motivated by their work.  Balancing the pressures of work and home life can be challenging.  There may come a time when employees need support to help overcome those challenges – be they emotional, physical, or financial.

As a Verified Partner, we can provide you with access to the Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme – the largest independent and award-winning EAP in the UK and Ireland.

We can offer you the Health Assured EAP at preferential rates, allowing you to better serve your clients, improve retention rates, and provide your people with a range of industry-leading health and wellbeing services.

Your Healthy Advantage

With the Health Assured EAP, your employees will have access to expert confidential advice, practical support, and compassionate guidance 24/7, giving you a healthy advantage at work and at home.

Employers have a responsibility to care for their employee’s health and well-being which is why we are proud to have taken steps to support the mental health of your business.

Key benefits of the EAP

Through our partnership, we can provide you with access to the following health and wellbeing services:

  • Unlimited access to a 24/7, 365 confidential UK-based helpline answered by qualified counsellors in 20 seconds
  • Up to 12 counselling sessions per employee, per year
  • Critical incident management
  • Digital CBT and trauma courses
  • Legal and medical information services
  • Debt and financial information
  • Family advice line on childcare and eldercare
  • Access to Wisdom – the leading health and wellbeing app with personalised content, webinars, and health trackers
  • Access to the Wellbeing Resource Library and WisdomAi knowledge centre

If you would like to find out more about the Health Assured EAP and how the Partner Programme can benefit your organisation, you can directly here: