How the best HR support Essex has to offer can help your small business save money!

HR Support Essex

As the best HR support Essex has to offer, which includes both ad hoc HR and retained HR packages, how can Blue Tree HR Solutions help save your business money? The past 3 years have not been easy for anybody, especially small business owners, making quality HR support for small businesses more important than ever. With the pandemic, the impact of Brexit and now the cost of living crisis, many small businesses are reportedly worried about the future of their company and its stability. While keeping on top of every aspect of running a business is already tricky at the best of times, the impact of recent global issues has made a bad situation worse. More than 1 in 10 small businesses in the UK are expected to close shop in 2023 due to revenue-related issues.

Thankfully, there are expert HR services that can offer the constant support and advice you need. From avoiding costly situations to making your business more efficient, there are plenty of ways quality HR support for small businesses can help them cut down on unnecessary spending.

Here’s how Blue Tree HR Solutions can benefit your small business with the best HR support Essex can offer.

We’re here to help you save

As the best provider of HR support Essex can offer, we are aware that the biggest worry of all for small businesses across the UK right now is money. If there’s a way to help save on your costs, then it can only be a positive option. 

In the HR world, prevention is better than the cure. By embracing HR as a benefit instead of a cost, you’ll start to see how your business can save money by running more efficiently. One way to do this is by putting in place formal HR systems and processes. 

Absence management policy and systems

The average employee uses £570 worth of sick pay every year. If your business has just 5 employees, that’s over £2,500 on sick pay every year. By having formal absence reporting and management systems, employees are less likely to call in an absence for minor reasons. When absences are recorded and kept on file, absence levels decrease. By reducing absence levels, you can minimise the impact absence has on your business earnings.

Blue Tree HR Solutions not only offer the best HR support for small businesses like yours, but we also offer expert HR software that will set up these systems and processes for you so that you can start saving money where it doesn’t need to be lost.  Just another reason Blue Tree HR Solutions deliver the best HR support Essex can offer.

Disciplinary / grievance policy

As a business owner and employer, it is your responsibility to demonstrate that a formal disciplinary and grievance procedure has been clearly communicated to all employees. If this is not the case, any employee you take action against can be deemed automatically unfair and you may be ordered to pay a reward, which can result in your business getting hurt. 

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for small businesses to not have these policies and procedures in place to protect themselves. With our expert HR support Essex businesses can get professional help to set these policies set up and communicate them across your company with all the correct legislation. 

Employment law and access to HR

Employee legislation is constantly changing and evolving in order to better protect you, your business and your employees. While this is in your favour, it can be hard to keep up to date with every new or updated detail, especially if you are a small business. Your employees should also have access to an HR representative so that they can check their own rights and laws if they feel they have a problem at work. If you do not have an HR team, they will come to you to find this information out. 

If you have employees it is your responsibility to know employment law and HR practices. If you do not know employment law, or you make a minor mistake, it could lead to you losing a claim made against you.

Unfortunately, many business owners simply don’t have the time to keep up to date with this crucial information when trying to run a business. This is where the best HR support Essex offers, Blue Tree HR Solutions, can help.

By gaining this kind of expert HR support for small businesses as early as possible, you can relax knowing the tricky legal part of running your business is taken care of. Blue Tree HR Solutions will not only always be here to offer credible and accurate guidance and advice on any employment law matters, but it is our duty to ensure all internal processes, policies and future paperwork follow the most recent legislation correctly. By opting for the best HR support Essex can offer your small businesse, it could save you thousands of pounds in tribunal rewards and lost productivity. 

HR support Essex 

Looking for HR support for small businesses can save your business money when it matters most. Blue Tree HR Solutions offer the best HR support Essex has and are equipped with deep industry knowledge, and the latest technology to give you the best results and is highly recommended by many. We have every tool to help you avoid high costs and save you money. If you are looking for the best HR support Essex can offer, get in touch with our friendly team. We are experts at offering quality HR support for small businesses like yours through our ad hoc HR and retained HR packages.

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