How can our HR services and solutions help your small business?

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In the modern world of business, small companies can often face challenges when it comes to meeting their HR needs effectively.

Whether it’s due to having no capacity for in-house HR, not having the knowledge to provide effective HR or simply down to cost, there are a variety of reasons HR is less common in small companies.

Blue Tree HR Solutions understand that every small business has a unique set of needs and requirements. This is why we work so hard to provide a range of HR services and solutions designed to offer bespoke support at an affordable price.

From ad hoc HR services, retained HR support, and specified hr needs and tasks, to our HR consulting services for small businesses, whatever your company needs, we have the HR services and solutions required for the job.

Our HR services and solutions will optimise your HR operations, helping you create a better work environment and company culture for all, and driving long-term growth. Here’s what Blue Tree HR Solutions can offer your small business, and how they can help you.

Our packages:

Ad Hoc HR - Flexibility when you need it

Unlike larger enterprises, small businesses often do not need the same level of constant HR support. A SMEs HR needs will fluctuate, which is another reason why in-house HR can be difficult to maintain.

Blue Tree HR Solutions offers expert ad hoc HR services, giving your business the option of flexible support as and when needed. Whether you need support for a simple matter, a complex situation, or multiple issues all at once, our ad hoc HR service gives you the ability to call for help when needed.

Looking for cost-effective HR services and solutions that also offer flexibility? Find out more about our ad hoc HR.

Retained HR support - We can be a part of your team

Our retained HR services and solutions provide ongoing support and expertise to deliver exactly what your business needs.

Our retained package provides your small business with a dedicated HR professional who essentially becomes a part of your team without paying for the cost of a permanent in-house HR Manager. By working alongside your team, our professionals can better understand your company culture, allowing us to offer you bespoke assistance, guidance and proactive HR support.

Whether you need help setting up a new starter, need advice on managing a sticky situation or need guidance implementing your HR strategy, Blue Tree HR Solutions is here for your business with our retained HR services and solutions.

If you require a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of HR, contact our friendly team.

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What we can help with:


While every disciplinary is different, the process of dealing with one stays the same to make sure all laws and regulations are followed.

The process can be sensitive, confusing and lengthy, as most involve an investigation, a disciplinary hearing and the option to appeal the decision.

By outsourcing your HR to Blue Tree HR Solutions, we can advise you throughout the whole process, making sure you keep in line with the statutory process and follow the current regulations.

From gathering evidence and ensuring procedural fairness to preparing all needed paperwork such as the outcome letter and minutes for your evidence pack, our help can make the process smooth and easy.

We are dedicated to supporting your management every step of the way, so that your company can confidently address disciplinary issues while minimising the risk of potential disputes or legal challenges.

Our goal is to help you maintain a positive and productive work environment while upholding appropriate standards of behaviour and performance. For more information on how our HR services and solutions can help you through the disciplinary process, contact us here.


Redundancies can be a challenging process for almost any business. Blue Tree HR Solutions can offer compassionate and strategic support to help small businesses navigate this difficult phase.

Our experienced HR professionals are experts in redundancy procedures and can guide your management from start to finish. From initial meetings to outcome letters, and everything in between, we can ensure that redundancies are handled with empathy and professionalism while sticking within HR laws and regulations.

In some cases, our professionals can provide advice on alternative options that can avoid redundancy – such as changing staff hours, moving staff to a new role, or changing their salary. By exploring these options, companies can minimise the impact on affected employees and retain valuable talent whenever possible.

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Contracts of employment

A contract of employment forms the foundation of the employer-employee relationship, outlining rights, responsibilities, and expectations for both parties. These documents are highly important to get right in order to protect you, your staff and your business.

These documents will include all of the information the employee may need regarding working at your company – such as job descriptions, working hours, compensation, benefits, leave policies, and termination procedures. The documents will also cover terms and conditions and fundamental policies such as disciplinary, grievance, maternity and data protection.

Our HR services and solutions can help you customise contracts that reflect your unique requirements while ensuring compliance.


Just like disciplinaries, the grievance procedure follows the same statutory process. Grievances require a formal investigation and an outcome meeting which may or may not lead to further action.

HR support from Blue Tree HR Solutions can aid your small business in conducting a grievance procedure that ensures fairness, confidentiality, and transparency. We prioritise finding resolutions that are fair and satisfactory to all involved while following strict laws and regulations closely.

You can rely on our expert services to provide advice throughout all of the above issues and many more. To find out how our HR consulting services for small businesses can help with issues you are facing, contact us here.

Why choose Blue Tree HR Solutions for your HR services and solutions?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer high-quality personalised HR. No two companies are the same, so why should their HR be? Here at Blue Tree HR Solutions, we avoid the one-size-fits-all approach and instead, offer HR consulting services for small businesses to understand their specific needs, challenges and goals.

We listen, analyse and customise to provide small businesses with a tailored HR strategy that is unique to them. By going beyond the cookie-cutter way of HR, Blue Tree HR Solutions can help businesses thrive and succeed in more ways than they ever imagined.

Blue Tree HR Solutions provides a wide array of HR services and solutions to address each and every specific need your business may have. By choosing to outsource your HR needs, as a small business you can increase efficiency, create a better work culture and environment for your team, and ensure compliance with the ever-changing employment laws and regulations.

Whether you need the flexibility of our ad hoc HR, the continuous support from our retained package or need HR consulting services for small businesses, our team will help your business navigate the complex world of HR, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on what matters most – Growing your business.

To get started, contact the Blue Tree HR Solutions team today!

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