What is Breathe HR?

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Managing your own HR can feel like a mammoth task for many small businesses. Juggling administrative HR duties while nurturing employee growth can be tricky. Fortunately, Breathe HR is here to make it all straightforward!

Offering vital HR support for small businesses across the UK, Breathe HR is a game-changer for SMEs wanting to free up time while still delivering high-quality HR admin and support.

Here at Blue Tree HR Solutions – supplier of the best HR support Essex can offer – we are proud to be Breathe HR Gold Partners. This helpful software allows us to provide our clients an easy and effective online HR administrative tool that can help them keep track of their employee information and day-to-day admin.


So, what is Breathe HR?

Breathe HR is a multi-award-winning cloud-based HR system that automates and tracks tedious and time-consuming tasks such as holiday allowances, absences, and training. This exceptional HR software not only streamlines these processes, but also guarantees the safekeeping of all documents and data, ensuring swift and hassle-free access whenever needed for you and your employees. Breathe HR is simple, secure and reliable – and is currently trusted by over 13,000 SMEs!

Breathe HR isn’t just your HR management system; it’s also your strategic business partner who’s going to help your small business flourish.

By easing the weight of employee admin, it can free up precious time that can now go towards team growth, development and business success!

To find out more about the best retained HR and adhoc HR support Essex can offer, visit the Blue Tree HR Solutions page!

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What can Breathe HR offer you?

Managing your HR data doesn’t have to be a chore. Breathe HR is the perfect solution to make people-management a breeze by bringing it all together into one secure place.

From logging sickness and tracking leave to updating documents, here are just some of the benefits Breathe HR can offer you!


Sickness & absence

It’s almost guaranteed that at some point in employment, your employees will take time off work due to sickness. However, it’s not as easy to guarantee that you’ll spot a trend of absence when one does appear, due to the million other tasks that require your attention.

Occasional sick days are normal – however, trends of absence could be affecting your business growth. Not only do they cost your business money, but they put extra stress on your other employees and affect company culture and morale if not handled accordingly.

With Breathe HR, spotting patterns of employee sickness is easy. Because the dashboard offers a sickness and absence log, you can make sure absent days are being communicated, approved and accounted for. This makes sure you are always in the know about your employee’s habits and well-being.

If you need to address an employee’s absence issue but are unsure where to start, Blue Tree HR Solutions are here to help. We can ensure you approach the situation correctly and in line with current employment law, and ensure employees and management are all aware of their rights. For the best retained HR and adhoc HR support for small businesses, contact Blue Tree today!


Keep documents safe, secure and up-to-date

For small businesses operating in a fast-paced environment, paperwork can quickly accumulate and get lost over time.

It’s time to say goodbye to inefficient filing cabinets – Breathe HR provides a secure digital cloud for all your important paperwork. From employee documents, policies, procedures and training templates, make sure your data stays organised and easily accessible. Choose Breathe HR’s ISO27001-accredited software, guaranteeing your data is protected while staying GDPR-compliant.

Having important documents all in one place also makes keeping everything up-to-date easier and faster. When tweaks are needed for company policies, procedures, or rules, it’s easy to navigate to your files, make a quick edit, and have your employees review the updates from their portal.

For employees needing to edit their records, the employee self-service software empowers them to handle updating their information. From address changes to phone number updates, employees can manage their own data without the hassle of bothering you with paper trails. This not only improves your employee experience, but saves valuable time that can be focused on your business.

Need help with making sure your company documents are up to scratch? Blue Tree HR Solutions – with the best HR support Essex can give – are the experts you need. From creating bespoke contracts of employment that align with employment law to offering policies and procedures advice and so much more, check out why you need to be on our retained HR client package!

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Performance reviews made simple

Regular performance reviews are essential for employee growth and business success – however, SMEs can sometimes struggle to find the time to track progress and provide feedback.

Breathe HR makes performance reviews simple. By enabling managers to set goals, follow along with employee progress, and provide valuable feedback in a systematic manner, managers can help employees grow, improve and develop their skills without donating time from other projects.

Breathe HR gives small businesses the power to implement continuous improvement with ease. From retained HR packages to adhoc HR packages, and all the best HR support for small businesses , contact our team today!


Breathe HR – The software you need

Breathe HR doesn’t stop there. From managing training, crafting rotas, tracking applicants, online learning, managing expenses, streamlining reports, improving communication and managing daily tasks to booking holidays with ease, there is SO much more Breathe HR can do for you.

Because Breathe HR is a powerhouse of capabilities, it also comes with a range of awesome advantages.

On average, Breathe HR rescues SMEs from dedicating 5 hours per week to HR admin tasks. Instead, these hours are being dedicated towards steering businesses towards success.

Breathe HR also trims costs – saving its users an average of £177 per week and sparing 11 sheets of paper daily.

With so many huge pros bundled into one little software, choosing Breathe HR couldn’t be easier.


Need HR support for small businesses? Choose Blue Tree HR Solutions – supplier of the best HR support Essex can offer!

Time is a valuable asset that should be invested wisely. With the best HR support Essex can offer, our team can help you free up your time so that you can create the business of your dreams.

Here at Blue Tree HR Solutions, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch, personalised HR services. We understand that every company is different and therefore can create a bespoke approach to your own unique needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Whether you seek the adaptability of our ad hoc HR services, the continuous support from our retained HR package, or need HR consultancy tailored for your business, our expert team will be your guide through the world of HR.

When you choose Blue Tree HR Solutions, you are laying the foundation for your business to thrive. When you choose Breathe HR through Blue Tree HR Solutions, you are also freeing up invaluable time and resources.

Reach out to the Blue Tree HR Solutions team today and let’s see how our retained HR and adhoc HR support for small businesses can help you!

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