10 Employee Recognition Ideas for Your Business

Recognition in the workplace is important. It makes employees feel valued, and it encourages employee loyalty and productivity. Employee recognition is particularly important now, as the pandemic has had such a detrimental effect on mental health. Simply telling your employees that you recognise their hard work and efforts is vital, but there are also other ways you can recognise the efforts of your employees. These are some employee recognition ideas for your business.


It is a good idea to give your employee’s company merchandise as part of your onboarding process, such as a pen, mug, notebook, t-shirt, etc. It will instantly make your employees feel welcome as soon as they join the company, and they will be more likely to feel recognised and make more of an effort.

Extra Holidays

An unexpected extra holiday that will allow employees some important ‘me’ time to relax is a great form of recognition. It shows that you care about their mental health and wellbeing, as well as appreciating their efforts. Extra holidays can be used to show that you are happy with your employee’s performance or the extra hours they put into a project to ensure it was delivered on time.

Surprise Gift

Happy with an employee’s effort? A gift will go a long way to show you appreciate them. If they are working remotely, you can send this out to them, or if they are in the office, you can hand-deliver it. You’d be surprised at how happy your employees will be with this, no matter how small the gift may be.


You could treat your employees to vouchers to give them an opportunity to choose their own gift. Vouchers are always appreciated, and they are a good example of employee recognition.

Free Lunch

You may want to offer your employee a free lunch as a form of employee recognition. If you can do this in person, all the better as it gives you the chance to bond with your employees. However, if they are working remotely, a delicious lunch turning up at their doorstep will be sure to be appreciated.

Dog Day

More people than ever are becoming dog owners, with 26% of the UK population owning a dog. You might want to consider a day where employees can bring their dog to work as a token of your appreciation. Who could resist a visit from a furry baby!

Fun Break Room

What does your canteen area currently look like? Is it a place of fun or boring chat? A good way to show you appreciate your employees is to have some activities available to make lunchtime and breaks a little more interesting. Consider hooking up a PlayStation, ping pong table, or an arcade machine. It’s relatively cheap and will show your employees that you care and want to make them happy.

Social Activities

Take your team out on a social activity day to show your appreciation, such as bowling, laser tag, or even just for lunch. It is a good way for everyone to get to know each other a little more, and even more important if you have staff working remotely. If it’s difficult to get everyone together, then you could organise a quiz or similar online. 

Employee of the Month

Some companies offer ‘Employee of the Month’ as a form of employee recognition. If you appreciate your staff and want to ensure they feel valued, a reward like this can be desirable.

Office Treats

An unexpected delivery of office treats will be a hit with your employees. A pizza lunch, delivery of donuts, or a box of delicious chocolate will be sure to put a smile on your employee’s faces. If your employees are working remotely, you could always get these sent to their homes.

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