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Blue Tree HR Solutions will help you ensure all your employment contracts, policies, procedures and guidance information are up to date with current employment legislation and best practices.

  •  Recruitment processes are consistent, fair and ensure you always employ the best people.
  • Contracts of employment are provided to all employees within 8 weeks of their start date.
  • Contracts of employment and staff handbook reflect current legislation.
  • Policies are up to date, comprehensive and effective.
  • Poor performance and absence are managed effectively.

Given the complexities of employment legislation together with the constant changes required by government, it is extremely important that you protect your business by ensuring that your HR Policies and Procedures are up to date and legally compliant.

This is why we at Blue Tree HR Solutions are offering you the chance for us to meet with you, free of charge, to look at what you already have in place with regard to your HR Policies and Procedures and to discuss the best way forward for your business.

Your free HR health check will give you the awareness of the issues affecting your business – and the actions you can take.

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