Why Blue Tree?

I am regularly asked “What’s with the Blue Tree?” “Why is the company named Blue tree?”

I suppose it is a bit like naming a child, in the respect that it is a very big decision and one that you and anyone involved have to live with.

There’s lots of advice out there, telling you how to choose a name.   The main point I was told, a business name should be something easy to remember.  I was once asked “Don’t think of a Blue Tree.”  Our brain works in such a way that I was then imaging one! So that was my first Blue Tree thought.

Thinking about an HR business – yes, it’s serious business and you want to promote a highly professional image, but what is HR really about?  The part about Human Resources management that I think is most important is the growing, developing and nurturing of employees.

I went to a HR seminar run by the CIPD years ago, and there was a presentation that stuck with me.  The HR head for Google was presenting and he said that his/their philosophy on the purpose of HR was

Find Them, Grow Them, Keep Them’.

Of course, he was talking about the people/employees who are the heart of any business.

This is all about growth of a business – building a team, developing the team and then retaining them.

I wanted our business to symbolise growth and this made me think of a tree.  Growing from small acorns or seeds into a possible massive proud structure which weather many storms.

Blue is deemed to be nurturing colour and it is also my favourite colour!

At the end of the day the company name is not important.  It’s our professional service and ongoing commitment to providing good HR services to our clients, but its always good to hear the back story.

And so there we have it…. Blue Tree HR was born!

We’d love to know what you think?


  • Interesting post!

    I’ve has challenges naming the women’s groups and gone all round the houses this autumn.
    The ladies all have an opinion and nothing’s sat quite right with me, yet!

    I even paid Hayley Felton to help me choose a name that resonates with my own, then disagreed with her first choice and am mulling over the rest.

    At the end of the day, it has to feel right to the owner and be memorable or make sense! Blue Trees is memorable and trees always mean growth and strength. If it fits for you, you’ll blossom into the name!

    Enjoy and lovely to meet you and thank you for sharing your story and blog.

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